"My 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son love "tinklebugs days".  These past 7 months have been a pleasure to have Carla in mine and the kids lives!
Each day is an adventure for my daughter come rain or shine.  One day it could be being an explorer in the
oods and the next it could be swimming or day trips to London, arts and crafts, cake decorating, indoor play centres, farms, the beach, the list goes on and on so come the school holidays when my son attends, there are huge smiles all round.
I have seen my daughter grow and develop so much.  My daughter is extremely shy and struggles to talk to others and within a days she was chatting away with Carla - maybe too much now ha ha! It's piece of mind my children are getting the absolute best there is.
Being a working mum and having a negative experience with a previous childminder, to have your trust in one person to look after your child/children's   happiness and safety is number one priority and with Carla I could not fault a single thing- I really cannot. A personal favourite of mine is the Tinklebugs t-shirt, hat and bag on the day outings- it looks so smart and is a great way to keep an eye on the kids.
Carla is so professional and an absolute natural being a childminder, I couldn't ask for anyone better and the kids and I get excited when Carla announces she's applied for another course which will allow her to do even MORE!!
Thank you Carla for everything you do for us xxx"
"Carla comes very highly recommended by myself!!! as she currently cares for my 7 year old son. She is good natured, hard working, supportive, patient, pro-active, with lots of energy and lots of fun with entire professionalism in mind also. She's excellent with (my son) who in himself can be a little challenging however Carla keeps him occupied, happy and content with a variety of activities and envolvments! The recent Halloween Project and party was fantastic! Along with the many activities learning about places all over the world during the summer holidays!

She's a fantastic child minder and I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family!"
"Carla has been minding my son for nearly a year now. She provides an excellent, educational and happy enviroment for him. Very professional at all times would highly recommend Tinklebugs."