Health and Safety...
Babies and young children are very vulnerable to accidents because they have no awareness of danger and cannot control their environment.

I do not and will not administer physical punishment or any form of punishment with the intension of causing pain, discomfort, or any kind of humiliating or hurtful treatment to any child in my care. I endorse positive discipline as a more effective way of setting limits for children.

I hold a current paediatric first aid certificate and I will only administer medication and/or treatment to children if it has been discussed with the parents and written consent has been given. No medication will be given without prior parental consent in case your child has any allergies that I am un-aware of.

Any accidents, incidents or treatments given will be recorded in my NCMA Accident, Incident & Medication Record Book with the parent's signature acknowledging the entry.

I have a fire procedure policy in place and practice evacuations are completed and recorded on a regular basis. My premises are fitted with smoke alarms on both floors, a carbon monoxide detector and a fire blanket is located in the kitchen.
My house has been inspected by OFSTED and the local fire department and has passed all the safety standards which I will adhere to whilst ensuring a safe and secure environment for your child inside and outside.
I have a non - smoking household.
I have public liability insurance through Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance PLC and NCMA. I have written parental permission given for the children to travel in my car and they all have appropriate safety restraints in accordance to current law. I have a full clean driving licence and appropriate insurance and MOT certificates (all of which can be seen).
Children are always encouraged to learn about personal hygiene through our daily routine for example; brushing teeth, washing hands before eating and after they have used the toilet.
Being a registered childminder I feel it is very important and helpful to have a framework of guidelines covering how I care for and work with the children in my care.
New families and prospective parents who come to visit Tinklebugs are given a Parent Pack with all my policies in to look through.

Policies and procedures in place include:
  • Accident and Emergency Policy
  • Alcohol and other substances Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Equal Opportunity Policy
  • Fire Evacuation Procedure
  • Food and Drink Policy
  • Illness and Infectious Disease Policy
  • Late Collection Policy
  • Lost Child Policy
  • Medication Policy
  • Outings Policy
  • Safe guarding children Policy
  • Working with Parents Policy